Joshua Evangelization Group, Inc. (JEG)

Caloy Javier, President, JEG, Inc.


JEG is the product of the desire of the KFI community to have a center that will provide the venue for the various activities of the community.

As we look forward into the future of JEG, it is important to know how it came about and evolved into a reality through the years.

During a lull in the activities of the Marriage Encounter Weekend on November 24, 2002, a group of eight (8) encountered couples, i.e. couples who had completed a Marriage Encounter Weekend and at that time were volunteers or auxiliaries for the different activities of the weekend, decided to meet and this became the pilot meeting of this drive for a ‘dream center’.  At this meeting everyone had the same desire to establish a group with the sole purpose of raising funds to build a center in the future. It was also agreed that all of those present at this meeting will be considered members of this proposed organization.
The second meeting was held on December 7, 2002 at the Javier residence. It is at this meeting that the organization was named “Joshua”, inspired by the biblical story in the book of Joshua which narrated the way Israel took possession of the Promised Land under the leadership of Joshua, the successor of Moses.

Four years went by and on February 11, 2006, a Valentine party was held as the initial attempt at fund raising for Joshua. The event was blessed with a minimal income which was added to the funds of the group, known among us as the “Joshua Fund”.All meetings and associations of the group have been done discreetly in order not to affect the evangelization activities of KFI-M.E.Ministry, Inc.  Finally, on December 7, 2014 the Joshua group decided to reveal its existence to Brother Conrad and Sister Bing during his hospitalization at the Raritan Bay Hospital in Perth Amboy, NJ. This was a moving experience because Brother Conrad was already ill at that time and he never suspected the existence of a special group of dedicated brothers and sisters who were working discreetly to make his dream center come true.

He shared that he was already becoming discouraged because it seemed that no one else in the community shared the common vision or desire to have ourown place for our headquarters.He then said that this revelation was the missing piece that he so hoped and prayed for all this time.  It seemed that Brother Conrad, right at that very moment, was once again elated, inspired and reinvigorated to carry on with his dream of the Center.

JEG was finally introduced to the KFI community on September 19, 2015 through a formal gathering at the Double Tree by Hilton Hotel in Newark, New Jersey.  It was both a happy and sad occasion – for while it ushered the realization of Brother Conrad’s dream, it was also the day when Brother Conrad passed away.  His passing did not stop the holding of the event as it was his wish that it should happen.

INCORPORATION:Succeeding meetings have resulted in a few more developments:

  1. In Januaryof 2015, the Joshua group discerned and chose to be called the “Joshua Evangelization Group” or JEG, in short.
  2. On February 9, 2015, JEG was incorporated in the State of NY as a “not- for- profit” entity. Therefore, its official name is now “JOSHUA EVANGELIZATION GROUP, Inc.
  3. In 2015, JEG became a 501 (c)3 entity and was soon approved for a “sales tax exemption” status by the State of NJ.

With these developments, JEG is now officially and legally capable to raise funds, solicit, collect and process funds for use towards our plan to build a facility as our Corporate offices and headquarters for our activities. This Building will both be a place for JEG’s administrative functions and a place for works of mercy towards the youth, the aged and the sick.

Eventually, we envision a place that can accommodate and hold evangelization activities including Life in the Spirit Seminars, Luke 18, Antioch, Barnabas, MEW and Family Encounter Weekend Retreats.  It seems like a dream, but with the community’s help and God’s inspiration, we are committed to realize this dream and give our beneficiaries a chance for a better life and, much more importantly, a life grounded in the love of our God.

As of this writing, JEG has a membership of 22 couples and 3 single individuals.  This initiative may seem overwhelming but we trust that if it is God’s will it will bear much fruit.