About Us


It will be difficult to understand the meaning of KFI-M.E. without going into its origin and  history. This organization started its evangelization ministry as the Jesus and Mary Catholic Renewal Ministry in 1987 when its founder, Conrado L. Felix, fondly called Brother Conrad, together with his wife, Sister Bing, started holding Life in the  Spirit Seminars in various parish communities in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. They were assisted by their children, aged 11 to 18 years, who formed the Jesus and Mary Music Ministry.  They helped establish Filipino-American prayer groups and small Catholic prayer communities not only in the Archdioceses of these three states, but spreading as far out as Ohio, North Carolina, Florida, and California.

In 1996, the first of many Marriage Encounter Weekends (ME Weekends) was held for the purpose of strengthening Catholic marriages. These ME weekends have been held in New Jersey, New York, Philadelphia, and Florida.

Soon after the development of ME weekends, a centralized youth ministry was formed which became known as the Young Life Ministry which held weekend retreats known as Luke 18 Weekend (for ages 11-15 years), Antioch Weekend (for ages 16-21), and Barnabas Weekend (for single adults over 21 years).

As the organization continued to flourish and grow in membership, it had to be registered as a judicial entity and became known as the Koinonia Foundation, Inc. , from which KFI was derived. Koinoniais a Greek word which means communion or sharing in common, a characteristic of the Church.

Following the death of one of the Trustees of KFI and in keeping with the articles of incorporation which required the dissolution of the corporation in this event, KFI was dissolved in 2006. The articles of incorporation was amended and ratified and the organization has become known as KFI Family Ministry, Inc. and eventually as KFI-M.E. Ministry, Inc. since it retained the original vision of KFI, while highlighting  the marriage encounter ministry, among its other ministries.


Mission Statement


The members of the KFI-M.E. Ministry, Inc. share a common vision of evangelizing and assisting children and adult individuals, including married couples and families, in rediscovering God’s plan for them by means of marriage encounter weekends, life in the spirit seminars, youth weekend retreats, growth seminars, pilgrimages, and workshops. It is our hope that participants in these spiritual activities experience a transformation and conversion of heart resulting in a closer relationship with Jesus Christ, holiness, intentional discipleship, a clearer vision of their vocation, a greater awareness and use of their spiritual gifts and charisms, and a more beautiful journey to eternal life.


Philosophy behind the success of the organization

The success, strength, and longevity of the KFI-M.E. Ministry are believed to be rooted, in large part, to the philosophy of its founder, Dr. Conrado L. Felix, whose firm convictions are that true and intentional disciples of Jesus Christ be deeply immersed in the Word of God and that evangelization cannot be tainted with money matters. Fund-raising has not been a practice, but all activities rely on Divine Providence and the generosity of its members.  Members contribute their time, talent, and blessings according to their benevolence and magnanimity by means of voluntary love offerings. A minimal registration fee is requested for marriage encounter weekends, as well as youth weekend retreats to cover the basic expenses. Life in the Spirit Seminars and retreats are generally free.  Members usually contribute to the food and supplies.  Any excess income from love offerings are donated completely to the sponsoring parish church.

The organization believes in the power of prayer, fasting, almsgiving, and sacrifice in all things for the greater glory of God.