Antioch Weekend


Youth Board III


The Antioch Weekend is held each summer in the month of August for ages 16-21. This youth seminar is run by the Antioch Team with support from their parent team volunteers and the Youth Board. The Antioch Weekend experience offers young people the opportunity to experience Church through a community of peers. From Friday evening through Sunday evening, the Antioch Team provides an environment of reflection, discussion, faith-based talks from the youth leaders, games, and praise and worship. With this age group, the seminar is offered at a time when young adults feel a need to move from a faith given by their parents, hopefully to arrive at a faith that is owned. It is both a maturing process and a search for a deeper, interpersonal relationship with Jesus, and the desire to serve Him. Throughout the year, follow-ups, prayer meetings and workshops are held each month to further enrich the faith of the Antioch Team and its community, and to prepare for the following Antioch Weekend.