Message from KFI President


Jun & Marlene Osma

Dear Brothers and Sisters of the KFI Ministry,

We bring you PEACE in the name of Jesus. We heard His call in February 2017 and here we are as we humbly start our work in His vineyard with our profound induction last January 26, 2020.

Our vision for the community is to continue what Bro. Conrad Felix and Sis. Bing Felix started and what the past presidents (Bro. Charlie Abalos, Bro. Fil Lapinig and Sis. Cecille Cervantes with their spouses) had put in place. Our GOD is a God of order. We will be a constant guide to each ministry in enforcing their bylaws and standard operating procedures.

As a general vision, we will continue to shape the KFI-ME Ministry, Inc. to be SPIRITUALLY FILLED. It will be a spiritual community wherein people walked in and they will be supported by KFI-ME Ministry, Inc. members in each other’s life’s journey. We are a community of real friends who listen to each other’s personal struggles without merely trying to fix the problem but who will encourage and develop each other’s strengths.

Our prayers will be that our community is a place where God can heal disconnected couples, families and individuals and allow them to reconnect with each other and, ultimately with Him through MEW, FEW, LUKE 18, ANTIOCH, BARNABAS and various events of the LSS MINISTRY.

We will lead to make the community strong in word. We will inspire members of the Council of Elders and each ministry under KFI to be vibrant of shared vision that would allow us to strengthen our witnessing, deepen our community life and develop further our capacity to support the spiritual life and growth of members. We will make diligent effort to encourage in having continuous education by nurturing each one of us in the KFI-ME Ministry, Inc. of ongoing opportunities for study and reflection.

In deep thought, being present to God in others is a difficult work. Each ministry member mindfully does their work for and with each other. And we sometimes fail, in spite of our attempts to move always in the direction of love, we sometimes hurt each other, sometimes act thoughtlessly toward each other and sometimes let each other down. With God’s grace, we will foster each other, teach and guide each other, be patient with each other, forgive each other and make the effort to be present to each other as we walk in the LIGHT.

We pray that couples, families, individuals (youth and young adults) whose lives will grow, be changed and perhaps even transformed including our very own, we thank God from the depths and heights of this ministry that it will continue to exist long and will never end for many generations to come.

For our vision to be realized, we need the full support of the leaders and members of the KFI community. This we will pray without ceasing to Mama Mary to intercede for us to her son Jesus.


Bro. Jun and Sis. Marlene Osma



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